7 Creative Halloween Table Decor Ideas

A big part of the Halloween fun is decorating the table and it’s really not that hard to create a spooky atmosphere at this time of year. We have come up with some creative Halloween Table Decor Ideas, which will keep your family and guests entertained!

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Halloween Table Decor Ideas

1. Halloween Tablecloths

A tablecloth should always be the base of your display. If you like to be a little more creative, you can buy a plain black or orange cloth and decorate it with whatever you want to put on the table.

You can also buy Halloween-themed tablecloths which are already decorated with witches, pumpkins, skulls, and other Halloween icons. It’s a great and easy way to transform your table instantly.

2. Halloween Tiered Tray Decor

Halloween Decor - Halloween Decorations - Boo Happy Halloween Wooden Signs - Cute Gnomes Plush and Bead Garland - Farmhouse Rustic Tiered Tray Decor Items for Home Table House Room
Halloween tiered tray decorations (tray not included!) via Amazon.com


If you have a tiered tray, you can decorate it with Halloween props such as gnomes, miniature pumpkins, and black, white, and orange beaded garlands.

If you don’t have a tiered tray, buy one anyway. You can re-use it for every Holiday or celebration such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, or as a seasonal centerpiece for fall, winter, summer, and spring!

3. A Witches Hat

Halloween Table Ideas - Decorated Witches Hat

A Witches hat is very popular as a Halloween centerpiece, and it’s not hard to imagine why! You can buy a cheap witches hat from a dollar store and decorate it with fall leaves, hairy spiders, cute little bats, or any other Halloween-themed items.

If you love to bake,  you can make a big Halloween witch hat cake and use that as a centerpiece on your table.

4. Pumpkin

Halloween Table Ideas - Pumpkin Decorations

Of course, there’s no Halloween decor without a beautifully carved pumpkin.

But there are other things you can do with a pumpkin aside from carving it. You could:

  • Decorate fall leaves around the base of the pumpkin
  • Use the pumpkin as a vase for a big display of flowers
  • Spray paint the pumpkin purple or black and create a Halloween-themed pumpkin. Decorate with spider webs and little spiders.

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6. Body Parts

Halloween Table Ideas - Halloween specimen jars

These Halloween table decorations are a lot of fun to make, so the kids will enjoy spending a rainy afternoon creating them! Buy a few Halloween eyeballs and scatter them around the table, or for even more spooky fun, make your own Halloween specimen jars.

You and your kids can work together to find a range of vegetables to represent different body parts.

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6. Candles

Flameless Flickering Candles Battery Operated with 6 Hour Timer, Set of 3 Real Wax LED Pillar Candles Warm Light with Castle, Witch, Bats Decal Halloween Decor Candles for Kids(D3" x H6")
Flame-less Halloween candles, set of 3 from Amazon.com

Get creative with some candles to create the perfect atmosphere with your Halloween table decorations. The Gothic theme works best for Halloween, so stick to black candlestick holders and long, thin candlesticks.

You can use this as a centerpiece, and place smaller candles all around the table. Turn the lights off to create the spooky atmosphere you want at a Halloween party.

Remember to be careful about where you place any real candles, especially if they’re near flammable material or could easily be knocked over.

Or consider buying flame-less Halloween Candles!

7. Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

Halloween Table Ideas - Halloween mason jar luminaries

Craft your own Halloween luminaries using acrylic paint and sharpie markers. You can make ghosts or pumpkins and light them with tea lights or LED tea lights.

Line up a few of them on your table and enjoy!

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