Cozy Fall Decorating Ideas – Easy Autumn Decor Ideas

Cozy Fall Decorating Ideas

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When Fall arrives with all it’s beautiful colors, we spend more time indoors. Sweaters, football, comfort food, falling leaves and crispy cool weather are part of our daily lives now.

With so much time spent indoors we don’t really need an excuse to do some Fall decorating do we? These easy Fall decorating ideas will make your home look cozy and inviting!

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” ~George Eliot

Cozy Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall Entryway

Greet guests with a pumpkin display and use beautiful autumn leaves to craft a wreath and garland to decorate the door.

Use items like bales of hay and big lanterns with LED lights for the finishing touch.

Front door decorated for autumn with pumpkins and hay


“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” ~ Lauren Destefano


Easy Autumn Centerpiece

A metal plate, a few pine cones and candle holders make for really easy fall centerpieces. Set one on a dinner table or in your cozy nook to enjoy all through fall.

Autumn Centerpiece with pine Cones and Rustic Candle Holders


Fall mason jars make a beautiful Fall table decoration

Fall Mason jars in autumn colors found on

Is there anything you can’t do with mason jars? Paint them in fall colors like red, yellow, brown and orange and use them as beautiful centerpieces.

Add flowers or leaves and you’ll have the easiest fall table decor ever made!

gorgeous fall wreath

Beautiful Fall wreath found here


A simple fall door wreath in gorgeous autumn hues will spruce up any door and look welcoming and colorful to guests. Make one your self using materials like leaves, burlap, mesh and or buy a handmade one.




Autumn wreath made from wood, decorated with a scarecrow, sunflowers, fall leaves and a burlap bow. Can be used for indoors or outdoors Fall decor. #autumn
Wood Autumn Wreath with Scarecrow. Decorated with leaves, sunflowers and burlap bows.
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Autumn Poppy Wreath made with silk poppies. Love the fiery fall colors on this wreath! #autumndecor #falldecor
Beautiful fall wreath with silk poppies. The vivid autumn colors really stand out in this wreath.
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Silk Fall Door Wreath with mini pumpkins, gourds, acorns and silk fall foliage.

Silk Fall Door Wreath with mini pumpkins, gourds, acorns and silk fall foliage

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You can easily attach a Fall wreath to any door using wreath hangers.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~ Albert Camus


fall leaves garland with lights

Fall Leaves Garland Found here


Use a fall leaves garland to decorate the stairs, door frames, windows or the chimney. The above pictured garland has yellow lights, which add a beautiful warm glow to your home.


Fall Leaf Garland decorated with pumpkins, berries, pine cones and maple leaves in beautiful vibrant colors. Use this garland on your mantle, staircase, door or windows for any easy fall decor update.
Fall Leaf Garland decorated with pumpkins, berries, pine cones and maple leaves in beautiful vibrant colors.
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Harvest Fall Tree with with Acorns and LED lights. #falldecorating
Harvest Fall Tree with with Acorns, Pine Cones and Fall Leaves. Battery powered LED lights light up the tree. The burlap sack adds a rustic/country style vibe.
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Add a Fall tree with lights to your hallway or living room for an instant warm glow.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

It isn’t fall unless you’ve seen at least one pumpkin patch by the side of the road. They are a staple of the fall decor – not to mention Halloween for the kids.

But, pumpkins are made for much more than just scaring folks. They represent harvest, bounty and thanks.

When it comes to using pumpkins in your autumn themes around the house, the possibilities are endless.

Pumpkin Lantern with Flameless Candle
Beautiful Pumpkin with “flickering” candle flame. Buy From Amazon


Here are a few ways you can utilize those pumpkins that you might not have tried.


Mercury Glass Pumpkin with LED Lights
Made of mercury glass, this pumpkin light features an antique and cracked-looking appearance, also reflects the room light perfectly.
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Pumpkin vases

Not all pumpkins are used for carving. This pumpkin planter may turn out to be the centerpiece of your harvest table.

Choose a large pumpkin, preferably orange. Use a sharp knife to cut small holes in the pumpkin, around the center. Place a florist vial filled with water snugly into each hole so the top portion of it sticks out.

Place large colorful cut blooms in each tube. The blooms need to be big enough to obscure the presence of the tube. Place the pumpkin in the center of your table or on display elsewhere in the house.

Replace the flowers as they wither.

Lighted Country Welcome Pumpkin
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Porch Pumpkin Planters

This is not actually a real pumpkin but a plastic pumpkin candy basket painted with black chalkboard paint. Place your favorite fall blooms inside of them and then use chalk to write festive messages on the outside.


Pumpkin Planter for outdoor or indoor - Use it for planting your favorite fall flowers and decorating
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Pumpkin Candle Holders

Instead of using glass votive holders, use mini pumpkins. Hollow out the inside and place one small candle in each. For a more dramatic effect, paint the pumpkins different colors first.

Mantel Pumpkins

Fall leaf garland decorated with pumpkins and berries. It's the perfect autumn mantel decor idea!
Show Me This Garland

Using acrylic paint and painter’s tape, create different designs on your pumpkins. Try gold polka dots, monochromatic pumpkins in bold colors like blue, red, green, gold and white. Add stripes to pumpkins, harvest sayings, floral designs or whatever suits your décor. Place them on the porch, around the fireplace, as a centerpiece or anywhere in the house you choose.

Etched Pumpkins

Instead of carving all the way through the flesh, simply etch designs into the top layer of the skin. It provides a natural contrast on pumpkins of all colors without breaching the inside of the pumpkin.

They can be displayed around the house, on steps, in windows because they will last longer.


Set of 3 Harvest Pumpkins with fall inspired messages

Set of 3 decorative pumpkins found here


Pumpkins are not just to make jack o lanterns for Halloween…They are beautiful for the mantel, table or the porch. Pick a few small ones and group them together. These pumpkin decorations can also be used for Thanksgiving!

Fall Centerpiece Ideas

The centerpiece is the focal point of the table, much like the fireplace is in the living room or great room. People gather around the table and it is the first thing they notice. There are a number of great ideas you can use to accent your Fall table decor this year.

Harvest Pumpkin Set of 3 with LED lights - Fall Centerpiece
Harvest Pumpkin Set of 3 with LED lights – Fall Centerpiece

More info and price


Beautiful berry branches

Berry branches look stunning on your fall table. This simple idea can be the starting point for other ideas. For instance, lay a long, oval circle of entwined red berry branches the length of the middle of your table. Depending on the color of your table, this effect alone with the red berries is good.

In the center of this loop, place a tall, earth-tone vase. Fill it with dark-colored mums. Place small, white pumpkins inside the loop as well.

Basket of pine cones

Place a white basket in the center of your table. Fill it with dark pine cones and colorful artificial or real autumn leaves. Sprinkle with cinnamon potpourri or use a cinnamon room spray on them.

Hurricane vases and candles

Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece made from Wrought Iron decorated with pine cones, leaves, berries and ribbons. Comes with a flameless candle #falldecor
Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece made from Wrought Iron
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Candles are always perfect as a centerpiece. In this instance, try tall pillar candles in a hurricane vase. Choose colors that reflect autumn: orange, red, brown, and white. Surround the candles with stones, dried fall corn kernels and/or red berries. Place gourds, pears and apples around the candle arrangement in the center of your table.

Potpourri on a tray

If you don’t like the idea of items all around the table like the berry branches, use a wooden tray. Layer it with pillar candles. These can be scented candles or LED candles without a real flame. Layer dried, natural potpourri around them.

The best thing about this centerpiece is that it travels. Move it to a coffee table in the living room, the counter in the bathroom or even the mantel if you like.

* Centerpieces can feature a variety of elements natural, real or artificial and portable to share your look with any room in the house.

Embroidered Autumn Leaves Table Runner

Fall table runner found here

Fall decor for the dinner table….it’s so easy! Start with a beautiful fall themed table runner like the one above…..

Thanksgiving Tablecloth, Napkins and Decorative Fall Setting

Fall Table setting found here

…or get a full set of fall tablecloths, napkins and harvest decor like pumpkins, pine cones, maple leaves and a cornucopia basket.

More: Best Thanksgiving Tablecloths

fall led candles

Set of 3 Led Candles found here

Add some autumn mood lighting by using decorated LED candles like the ones above. Beautiful, long-lasting and safe to use.

autumn fairy lights (battery powered) love the bold fall colors!

Fairy Lights found here

Another great way to light up: Autumn fairy lights! The above fairy lights are made from rattan balls and warm white LED lights. The rattan balls with lights are in typical fall colors like dark red, brown and orange!

Use these fairy lights to easily decorate any area in your house like the porch, the fireplace mantle or add them to a Fall table display.

autumn tree candle holders

Set of 2 candle holders found here

I love lighting a candle in Autumn and these votive candle holders just get me in the mood for sitting on the sofa and drinking hot chocolate!

fall throw pillow that says: "Happy Fall Y'all" Love it!

Fall Pillow case found here

Decorating the couch for Fall is easy: Just buy some new throw pillow cases. Cheap and easy Fall decorating idea right here!

There are so many prints and colors available, see them all here.

Maple Tree with 120 warm white lights

A maple tree like the one above is a beautiful addition to a porch or next to the front door. This Maple Tree with 120 warm white lights is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

How are you going to decorate your home to show that fall has arrived?

Fall Decorating Ideas - Easy Decor Ideas for Fall

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