Valentine’s Day Traditions

valentines day traditionsValentine’s Day traditions can be as simple as a handmade card that is exchanged each year or a series of little things done throughout the day. Our romantic, easy, fun Valentine’s Day Traditions will help create memories that will last for years.

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Meaningful Valentine’s Day traditions

Hand written love notes
Notes of appreciation
Homemade cards
One on one time with phones turned off

Fun Valentine’s Day traditions

Red and pink food at every meal
Special Valentine desert
Heart shaped food
Valentine’s crafts or card making with the whole family

Romantic Valentine’s Day traditions

Shower by candle light
Dinner and special toast
Park by the airport and watch the planes while exchanging cards
Walk in a park or by the lake
Read a romantic book to each other

Child-friendly Valentine’s Day traditions

Candy or gift bags
Cookie baking and decorating
Family valentine exchange
Wear red or pink clothes
Learn to write “I love you” in a new language

Non-conventional Valentine’s Day traditions

Cut open an apple and count the seeds to see how many children you will have
Carved wooden spoons given with keys or key holes
Keeping a gift of clothing will mean marriage

Community Valentine’s Day traditions

Visit a nursing home
Take valentine gifts to group homes
Help an elderly couple have a romantic day

Valentine’s Day traditions have long burst out of the box. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers and couples. Valentine’s Day has expanded to a day to express love to friends, family, and children. Traditions build memories and provide family history to be passed on to future generations as they adopt and adapt traditions to make them part of their own family.

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