How To Survive Valentine’s Day As A Single Woman

How to survive Valentine’s day as a Single Woman? Being a single woman on Valentine’s Day can get pretty frustrating. No matter where you look, something will remind you of the romantic nature of the holiday: Shops sell items for couples, romantic movies line up the TV schedule, and everyone posts pictures of their Valentine’s Day adventure on social media.

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How To Survive Valentine's Day as a Single Woman

Do you just have to live through all this and wait for the most romantic season of the year to come to an end? Staying inside your room feeling sorry for yourself shouldn’t be an option. Here are some things you can do to survive the Valentine’s Day as a single woman.

1. Own It!

Avoid falling prey to the Valentine’s Day hype by making it your own. Who says this day is exclusively for couples? The following are some suggestions on how to claim the holiday:

  • Schedule a massage or a trip to the salon on Valentine’s Day. You can even make it an annual event if you wish.
  • Declare February 14 as your official Shoe Shopping Day. Spend the holiday shopping for those fancy heels, boots or slippers—whatever makes you feel happiest.
  • Splurge on accessories. Go to the mall and treat yourself with some elegant accessories such as a necklace, bracelet or watch.
  • Go to the restaurant you have always wanted to dine in. Treat yourself with a delicious meal.

This list can go on and on; you should get the idea. Make it a tradition to do things that make you happy during Valentine’s Day.

This way, you can actually look forward to the holiday instead of dread it every time it nears.

2. Share your blessings.

Do not feel sorry for yourself for not receiving anything on Valentine’s Day. Instead, try giving to others and make their day extra special!

There are many single women out there you can spend time with. Or perhaps visit a nursing home and make the elderly people feel loved and cared for.

The choices are endless.

Remember that you are not the only one spending Valentine’s Day without a significant other. Bake a cake for your nephew, send a card to your parents, buy flowers for your old friend, etc.

3. Have fun with kids.

Let children remind you that Valentine’s Day is not just for sweethearts. Children find reason to have fun no matter the occasion.

If you have kids of your own, do something you’ve never done before with them. Take them to the zoo, have a fun day doing crafts, or simply watch some movies.

You can also visit your local daycare and set up a party for the kids within your community.

Single women should never feel miserable during Valentine’s Day. Claim and turn it into one unforgettable experience.

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