15 Easy Yet Effective Weight Loss Tricks

Losing weight is not easy, especially if you can’t stop thinking about all the delicious foods you are used to. These weight loss tricks should help you reach an ideal weight in no time.

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easy weight loss tricks

Learn to eat and drink differently

1. Spread Out Your Daily Protein Intake.

Foods that are rich in protein will curb your appetite more efficiently than foods rich in fats or carbs. Foods rich in protein will make you feel satisfied, even though they contain less calories. Instead of eating all your proteins at dinner time, start the day with a yogurt and some fish for lunch.

2.Drink More Water.

You will be less likely to crave sweets if your stomach is filled with water. You should have a glass of water before each meal or snack. Keep some bottled water with you at all times so you can keep drinking throughout the day.

3. Add More Fibers To Your Diet.

Fiber can do wonders for your waistline and for your heart. Foods rich in fiber usually require a lot of chewing, which should make you feel like you ate a lot. Food that contain high amounts of fiber include apples, broccoli or beans.

4. Start Your Meals With Some Soup.

Soup is a great first course and helps you get used to eating slowly. You will get better results if you choose a clear broth or by replacing cream with low fat milk if you prefer creamy recipes. If you’re time poor, you can make ahead for the week and freeze in small portions.

5. Eat From Small(er) Plates.

A tiny plate will give you the impression you are eating plenty of food. Even a skinny piece of pie can look like an abundant dessert when placed on a tiny plate.

6. Put Your Fork Down Between Bites.

Setting your silverware down between bites will help you slow down and give your brain plenty of time to realize you are full and should stop eating.

7. Avoid Side Dishes.

Having access to a wide variety of foods will probably cause you to eat more than you should. This is especially true for the bread basket they offer you in restaurants. Try planning menus that include a main course and a salad.

8. Fill Up Before You Shop.

It will be easier to resist the temptation to buy cookies if you just ate a bowl of soup and some whole wheat bread. Focus on shopping for fish, produce and other healthy foods.

9. Clear Your Pantry.

You could drop off your junk food in the office kitchen or donate it at your church. If you want to keep some junk food items such as corn chips, keep them in a cupboard so they are out of sight.

10. Choose A Healthy Restaurant.

Dining out is a real challenge, especially if you are not familiar with the menus of the different restaurants in your area. Stay away from fast food restaurants and try new places. For instance, an Indian restaurant would be a great place to get a vegetable dish with few calories.

Making changes to your lifestyle

11. Go For Walks.

Aerobics can reduce your appetite on a temporary basis. You should run on your treadmill or go for a long walk right after dinner so you are not tempted to eat a second serving.

12. Try Dining Alone.

Most people tend to eat more when they share their meal with others. Instead of meeting with your friends for brunch, eat a healthy breakfast at home and join them for a walk or a bicycle ride.

13. Find Some New Friends.

Socializing with new people could be a positive influence for you. Stay in touch with your old friends but try finding new friends who have a healthier lifestyle. You will probably pick up their habits if you spend some time with them.

14. Get Plenty Of Sleep.

A lot of people deal with fatigue by eating more while they could resolve their problem by getting eight hours of sleep a night. Try going to bed earlier on work nights. You will sleep better in a dark and quiet bedroom.

15. Find Some Calorie-Free Pleasures.

Overeating is often caused by our emotions. You could for instance reward yourself by reading a good book instead of eating a candy bar. If you are dealing with stress or other negative emotions, call a friend to talk to them instead of buying a snack.

Making these small changes to your lifestyle and your diet will help you reach an ideal weight. These tips are very easy to use and will go a long way in helping you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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