How to Get Big Hair in 4 Easy Steps

Casual hairstyles might be fine for some dates like going to the movies. Others require you to go big and glamorous. If you’re going out on a formal date, here’s how to get big hair in easy steps you can do at home.

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How To Get Big Hair

There are a couple of ways you can get big hair. Some of the basic items you’ll need to create big hair: a De-frizzing product, a hair brush, a curling iron and hairspray.

Step 1: Begin applying the de-frizzing product to your hair. This needs to be applied liberally to keep your hair from turning frizzy while you’re styling it.

Step 2: Divide your hair into at least four sections. Tease it by holding the hair up and bringing the hairbrush up and down to create volume. Start as close to the roots as possible to get the most lift out of your hair.

Step 3: Bend over from the waist and hairspray your hair. Don’t over-spray and make your hair crusty but you’ll want to use enough to hold your hair in the style you create.

Step 4: Take a little bit of hair from each side. Curl it to give it more volume or a more polished look. Remember to be careful when dressing so you don’t mess up the work you’ve just done.

More Big Hair Tips:

Another way of getting the big hair look which is so popular is to begin with wet hair. Wash and condition your hair with volumizing products and then detangle it. Wrap it up in a towel while you gather your hair care products.

While bending from the waist, brush your hair to give it some volume. To add more, spray some mousse into your hand and rub your hands together. Work the mousse into your hair from root to ends.

Begin blow drying your hair as you bend over. Use a soft bristled brush with vent holes while you’re drying your hair. Tease it a little bit, using the instructions above, as you dry your hair.

Apply root booster to your hair’s roots when it is almost dry. Scrunch your hair at the roots to give it lift. Then use hairspray all over the underside of your hair to keep the style. Brush your hair to get the look you want and then stand back up and lightly spray the top to set it.

Big Hair When You’re in A Hurry…

Finally, if you don’t have the time to spend getting big hair, you can purchase products which go under the hair to give it the lift you desire.Think dry shampoo; this will give you big hair in a minute. We like Batiste, who have dry shampoo’s for every hair type.

Whatever method you use to create the big hair look, you’ll want to keep it covered if the weather turns bad. You don’t want it to fall flat and ruin your look.

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