Crock Pot Spicy Apple Cider

This warming crock pot spicy apple cider has all the flavors and smells of Autumn. It’s the perfect drink for after a walk outside or a cozy evening near the fireplace or on the couch under a blanket!

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Crock Pot Spicy Apple Cider

Crock Pot Spicy Apple Cider

Yields 8 servings

½ gallon/2 quart apple cider
2 cinnamon sticks
Peel from half an orange
Peel from half a lemon
3 whole allspice berries
4 whole cloves
1 tsp. green cardamom pods

Optional: brown sugar and star anise to serve.


Pour the cider into a crockpot.

Contain the spices in a small bag of cheesecloth, tie the cloth with a string and drop it in the pot.

Cook the cider on low for about 3 hours.

To serve, pour in mugs and garnish with star anise or cinnamon stick.

Tip: For hard cider, add apple brandy or rum!

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